Words That Rhyme with "Hill" (ANSWERS)



In the winter it’s fun to sled down a hill.

Directions: Write your answers in your notebook.

write by hand

1. sick person

If you are sick, you can take a PILL.


2. bill

When you pay someone later you receive a BILL.


3. drill

To make holes in hard objects use a DRILL.


4. pickles

When choosing a pickle, many people like DILL.


5. barbecue

He likes to make shish kabob on his barbeque GRILL.



6. farmer

Before planting crops, most farmers TILL.


7. butcher

Here is a chicken that the butcher must KILL.


8. sickness

He’s in bed because he’s feeling ILL.


9. pharmacy

Doctors send pharmacists prescriptions to FILL.


10. boy on swing

Children are active; they rarely sit STILL.


11. woman on phone

Her voice on the phone was loud and SHRILL.


12. clean

This grocery store clerk has to clean up a SPILL.


13.  woman

She’s resting her arm on the window SILL.


14. river

Raw materials such as wood or wheat are processed at a MILL.


15. jack and jill

We read a story about Jack and JILL.


Answers: 1. pill; 2. bill; 3. drill; 4. dill; 5. grill; 6. till; 7. kill; 8. ill; 9. fill; 10. still; 11. shrill; 12. spill; 13. sill; 14. mill; 15. Jill