Words That Rhyme with "Map" (ANSWERS)


She’s lost and needs to use a m a p.

Directions: Write your answers in your notebook. Afterwards, click on the answers link at the bottom of the page.

write by hand

1. clap

To show appreciation, a person will CLAP.


2. nap

Because they are tired, they’re taking a NAP.


3. cap

On his head he’s wearing a CAP.


4. apps

A program on a phone is called an APP.


5. strap

His helmet stays put with help from a STRAP.



6. gap

Although there’s a wall, you can see through the GAP.


7. mousetrap

To catch a mouse, set a  TRAP.


8. maple tree

To make maple syrup, this bucket collects SAP.


9. man in chair

Once you sit down, your legs form a LAP.


10. flap

The wing of an airplane requires a FLAP.


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