Words That Rhyme with "Moan" (Answers)


A person in pain lets out a loud _m__ _o__ _a__ _n__.

Here are the answers. Listen to the audio while reading each sentence.

1. construction cone

To mark off an area, use a bright orange CONE.


2. money

If you need money, you can ask for a LOAN.


3. end zone

In football the offense goes for the end ZONE.


4. river

In a river, water flows over rocks and STONEs.


5. x-ray

A doctor takes x-rays to look at your BONEs.


6. blown fuse

A fuse is no good if it has BLOWN.


7. groan

A person unhappy will constantly GROAN.


8. ducks

A genetic duplicate might be a CLONE.


9. guitar

An electric guitar can have a warm TONE.


10. dronw

A remote-control aircraft is a pilotless DRONE.


11. business

A business is something a person can OWN.


12. anonymous

An anonymous person is someone not KNOWN.


13.  flying an airplane

A car is driven; an airplane is FLOWN.


14. clumsy person

A person who’s clumsy is accident PRONE.


15. phone

To contact your friends, pick up your PHONE.


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