Words That Rhyme with "place" (ANSWERS)

apartment in paris

An apartment is also called a p l a c e.

Here are the answers.

1. men racing

These runners are about to begin a RACE.


2. woman running

To increase your speed you increase your PACE.


3. vase

You can put flowers in this beautiful blue VASE.


4. woman

This woman has a very pretty FACE.


5. woman chasing man

To run after someone is to CHASE.


6. baseball

In baseball a runner stands on a BASE.


7. mace

This old hand-held weapon is known as a MACE.


8. eating

Before eating dinner some people say GRACE.


9. stars

NASA builds rockets that fly into SPACE.

(NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration)


10. lacing shoes

If a shoe is untied, you retie the LACE.


11. card

In poker the highest card is an ACE.



12. brace

If you injure your neck, you might wear a BRACE.


13. outline of a head

A basic skill in drawing is to learn how to TRACE.


14. man upset

The mistake that he made was hard to ERASE.


15. art supplies

Artists carry their supplies around in a CASE.


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