Words That Rhyme with "Pool" (ANSWERS)


For relief from the heat, they went to the p o o l.

Here are the answers to the previous exercise:


write by hand

1. man in sunglasses

Those sunglasses make him look very COOL.


2. girl

For a good education, you should go to SCHOOL.


3. judge

A judge is a person who interprets a RULE.


4. wrench

To fix something broken, go get a TOOL.


5. sitting

This man is sitting on a three-legged STOOL.


6. diamond

A diamond is a rare and beautiful JEWEL.


7. woman mean

Nobody likes her because she’s mean and CRUEL.


8. trick

When you feel stupid, you feel like a FOOL.


9. string

String or yarn comes wrapped around a SPOOL.


10. drool

When a monster is hungry, he’s likely to DROOL.


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