Lesson Ten

Present Continuous Tense, Passive Voice

S + (be) + being + past participle

This tense is confusing because the verb "be" appears twice. This example uses the verb "tell" as the main verb:

tell / told / told

I am being told
We are being told
You are being told
You are being told
He is being told
She is being told
They are being told
It is being told

This video offers additional help:




1. The book is being read by the boy. (passive voice)

The boy is reading the book. (active voice)

boy reading

2. Pancakes are being made in the kitchen.

(Who’s making them? I don’t need to say, but from the picture you can see it’s the man.)

He’s making pancakes. (active voice)

making breakfast

3. Flowers are being grown in this garden. (passive voice)

I’m growing the flowers. (active voice)


4. This man is being kept in prison because he did something very bad.

The state is keeping him in prison.

angry prisoner

5. Penguins living in the Antarctic are being threatened by global climate change.

Global climate change is threatening many species worldwide.


6. She’s being hugged by her brother. (passive voice)

Her brother is hugging her. (active voice)

boy hugging girl
Remember: The present continuous tense describes things that are happening now and in the future.


For a quick review on the present continuous tense go to this lesson in the blue level


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