Lesson Twelve

The Present Perfect, Passive Voice

S + (has or have) + been + past participle


I have been given
We have been given
You have been given
You have been given
He has been given
She has been given
They have been given
It has been given

Most people use contractions:


I’ve been given
We’ve been given
You’ve been given
You’ve been given
He’s been given
She’s been given
They’ve been given
It’s been given

1. This house has been given a fresh coat of paint.

When was it painted?

I don’t know.

Who painted the house?

I don’t know.

(The present perfect passive voice is useful in describing something that happened in the past–but you might not know when or by whom the thing was done.)

blue house

2. This baby has been given a lot of love and care by its mother.

(You may use "it" for a baby unless you know the baby is a boy or a girl)

baby and mother

3. They have been assigned to work on a big project.

(In the picture, their boss–the guy wearing the tie–is telling them what to do.)


4. He has been tied up for several hours. A thief came into his house, tied him up, took his money, and left.

man tied up

5. The Eiffel Tower has been visited by people from all over the world.

eiffel tower


The present perfect passive is useful when describing something that was done in the past without a lot of information about who did it, when, how, why, etc.

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