Lesson Twenty-one

(be) used

As you have learned in previous lessons, the verb "use" is essential for speaking English. This lesson will help you learn how to use "use" in the passive voice.

The verb phrase "(be) used" is often applied when describing machines and gadgets.

Remember that the verb "be" changes according to the subject and the verb tense.

1. This camera is used for taking pictures.


2. This grater is used for grating cheese.

3. This coffee mug is used for drinking coffee.
cofee cup

4. This is a diskette.* It was used for storing information and transfering files from a computer.

* This is also called a floppy disk.

5. This is a microwave oven. It’s used for heating or reheating food.

6. This is a handgun. It can be used for home protection, but sometimes guns are used to commit crimes.

7. These are reading glasses. They’re used for reading things that are close.

8. This is a measuring cup. It’s used for measuring liquids and dry amounts.
measuring cup

In the next lesson, you will learn how to use "be" + "make"

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