Lesson Twenty-eight

passive voice + infinitive

When explaining what another person said or believes to be true, you can use a verb in the passive voice which is followed by an infinitive.

This is not the same thing as an infinitive in the passive voice, which is covered in Green Level Lesson Fourten.


Write your answers by hand.  write by hand 

Directions: Change each sentence so that a passive verb is followed by an infinitive. There is more than one way to write these sentences. (Answers are below.)

Example: People believed the world was flat.

 It was believed that the world was flat. (or)

 The world was believed to be flat.


1. It’s a good book.


2. The restaurant has great food.


3. It’s a dangerous city.


4. Many people believed the plant had medicinal qualities.


5. They believe in elves.


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1. It’s said to be a good book. (or)

 That book is said to be good.

2. It’s said to have great food. (or)

  The restaurant is said to have great food.

3. The city is said to be dangerous. (or)

   It’s said to be a dangerous city.

4. The plant was believed to have medicinal qualities.

5.  They’re said to believe in elves.