Lesson Five

The Future Passive

Subject + will be + past participle

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Future Passive Voice

I will be paid next week.

(The past participle for "pay" is "paid.")

pay / paid / paid

teacher paul

You will be given a reading assignment in English.

(The past participle for "give" is "given.")

give / gave / given


He will be given a ride to Scotland if he waits long enough for someone to pick him up.

man hitchhiking

 She will be asked to stay late if she doesn’t finish her work before 5:00.

 A new shopping center will be built where this farm stands now.
 We will be emailed by people who want to sell us stuff online.

teacher paul olga

You and I = We

 You will be taught some interesting new things in class next week.
 They will be served by this waitress.


This tense is usually used with a contraction:

I’ll be paid
We’ll be paid
You’ll be paid
You’ll be paid
He’ll be paid
She’ll be paid
They’ll be paid
It’ll be paid

The main verb is "pay"

pay / paid / paid

Practice listening to the

future passive in

The Listening Lab

girl listening to music

Click here to practice the use of the passive voice. This exercise uses the present, past, and future tenses.

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