Directions: Write answers to each question in your notebook. Look at the picture when you write your response.   write


Question: Are boots worn on your hands or on your feet?

Answer: Boots are worn on your feet.



Is this sweet or sour?

1. _________________________________________.

Is this umbrella open or closed?

2. _________________________________________.

Is he tired or alert?

3. _________________________________________.

Is she rich or poor?

4. _________________________________________.

Is this sport fun or dangerous?

5. _________________________________________.

Is he happy or scared?

6. _________________________________________.

Is the weather nice or bad?

7. _________________________________________.

Are these shoes or socks?

8. _________________________________________.

Are these two men talking or fighting?

9. _________________________________________.

Is he comfortable or in pain?

10. ________________________________________.

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  1. It’s sweet.
  2. It’s open.
  3. He’s tired.
  4. She’s rich.
  5. It’s fun.
  6. He’s scared.
  7. It’s bad.
  8. They’re shoes.
  9. They’re talking.
  10. He’s in pain.

Here’s a tip: It’s a good idea to write out both the question and the anwer in your notebook. You can also draw a picture of each object or person. Writing and drawing will help improve your ability to memorize new words.