Green Level

Exercises for the Passive Voice –

Exercise #1

Most of these questions and answers are in the passive voice. Thanks to my students for sending in the pictures!

  • A: What is this called?
  • B: It’s called "doulma."
  • A: What is it made of?
  • B: It’s made of kussa, eggplant, green peppers onions, rice, meat, and spices.


  • A: Who was it made by?
  • B: It was made by Nidal.
  • A: Where is the food being prepared?
  • B: It’s being prepared in the kitchen.
  • A: What’s happening to the goat?
  • B: It’s being milked. Marzia is milking it.
  • A: What are these things?
  • B: They’re mushrooms.
  • A: What are they used for?
  • B: They’re used for cooking.
  • A: Who picked them?
  • B: The mushrooms were picked by Tatiana. She picked them.
  • A: Who are these guys?
  • B: That’s Marzia’s husband and a friend playing the guitar. They had a party last night and they played a lot of music.
  • A: How many songs were played?
  • B: They played several songs. A good time was had by all.

guitar and singing
  • Something is being made in the kitchen.
  • What are they making?
  • Thanks to Nidal, Tahimi, Tatiana, and Marzia for sending in these pictures!

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