Green Level Quiz #11 – (be) going to, passive voice

Part A.

Directions: Complete each statement with the verb in the “going to” future tense, passive voice. (10 points)

1. He is going to be hurt if he’s not careful. (hurt)

2. I am going to be paid this Friday. (pay)

3. The students are going to be given more time to finish their work. (give)

4. My computer isn’t going to be fixed until tomorrow. (fix — negative)

5. We are going to be taught something new in class today. (teach)

6. The hotel isn’t going to be built until the city approves the plan for the building. (build — negative)

7. These secret documents aren’t going to be seen by the public. (see — negative)

8. You aren’t going to be hired if you don’t get a haircut. (hire — negative)

9. The apples are going to be picked sometime in September. (pick)

10. Jill is going to be promoted to a managerial position. (promote)


Part B.

Directions: Complete each question with the verb in the “going to” future tense, passive voice. (10 points)

1. Is that last piece of pizza going to be eaten by anyone? (eat)

2. What time is the speech going to be delivered? (deliver)

3. Are these people going to be forgotten by history? (forget)

4. How is this enormous bill ever going to be paid? (pay)

5. How is he going to be punished for his crimes? (punish)

6. In what year is the rocket going to be launched? (launch)

7. When is your engine going to be rebuilt? (rebuild)

8. Isn’t their house ever going to be repainted? (repaint — negative)

9. Is Assange going to be arrested? (arrest)

10. Why aren’t the prisoners going to be released? (release — negative)


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