Green Level Quiz #13 – passive voice or active voice

Directions: Indicate if a sentence or question is in the passive voice or the active voice. Circle “Passive” or “Active.”

1. A bridge was built so that cars could cross the river.  Passive or Active

2. The students have been learning how to write better paragraphs.  Passive or Active

3. Most of these computers are used for surfing the internet.  Passive or Active

4. A movie is being made in our town.  Passive or Active

5. Jan hasn’t decided which book to read.  Passive or Active

6. The newspaper is going to be delivered in the morning.  Passive or Active

7. Has the timer gone off yet?  Passive or Active

8. How many different countries have you visited in your lifetime?  Passive or Active

9. These reports can’t be completed until we get more information.  Passive or Active

10. Her fingers got burned when she reached into the oven.  Passive or Active

11. The company should have managed the situation differently.  Passive or Active

12. The garbage is picked up early in the morning.  Passive or Active

13. A doctor has been treating her for her depression.  Passive or Active

14. What kind work have you been doing for them?  Passive or Active

15. An award has been given to the police officer who helped the stranded motorist.  Passive or Active

16. He was fired because he wasn’t getting his work done on time.  Passive or Active

17. The information will be posted online.  Passive or Active

18. When do you get paid?  Passive or Active

19. Alice says she will be retiring from her job next year.  Passive or Active

20. Several changes have been made to the schedule.  Passive or Active


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