Green Level Quiz #14 – passive infinitives  (ANSWERS)  

Part A.

Directions: Use the verb in parentheses to create a passive infinitive for each sentence or question.

Example: The students hope  to   be    given  their own books. (give)

1. The little boy likes to be held by his mother. (hold)

2. He doesn’t want to be sent to Afghanistan. (send)

3. The landlord asked to be paid on time. (pay)

4. The new workers need to be shown how to use the machines. (show)

5. The passenger is to be escorted off of the plane as soon as it arrives. (escort)

6. Customers expect to be helped when they are in the store. (help)

7. Dinner is to be served at 7 p.m. (serve)

8. The prisoners are soon to be released by their captors. (release)

9. To be asked for advice by the President was a great honor. (ask)

10. They don’t want to be cheated when they buy the car. (cheat)

Part B.

Directions: Rewrite each short sentence or question using a passive infinitive:

Example: He wants to marry someone. / He wants to be married.

1. She wants a doctor to see her. / She wants to be seen by a doctor.

2. I need you to give me more time. / I need to be given more time.

3. John hopes that company hires him. / John hopes to be hired by that company.

4. Runners in the street want the drivers to see them. / Runners in the street want to be seen by the drivers.

5. They’re selling the car at an auction. / The car is to be sold at at auction.

6. The store will fix the computer for free. / The computer is to be fixed by the store for free.

7. The government plans to release the information. / The information is to be released by the government.

8. Bob asked someone to pick him up at the airport. / Bob asked to be picked up at the airport.

9. They don’t want anyone to disturb them. / They don’t want to be disturbed by anyone.

10. You need to wash this by hand. / This needs to be washed by hand.