Green Level Quiz #15 – passive gerunds   write Write the answers in your notebook.

Directions: Use the verb in parentheses to create a passive gerund for each sentence or question.

Example: He hates  being    told  what to do. (tell)

1. The baby likes being held by her mother. (hold)

2. They’re afraid of being attacked because the neighborhood is dangerous. (attack)

3. The students don’t look forward to being tested on their math skills. (test)

4. Being forced to live in solitary confinement was very difficult. (force)

5. Rabbits live in fear of being eaten alive by a fox or a large bird. (eat)

6. The customer insists on being given a refund for his purchase. (give)

7. Being addressed at the moment are the concerns of the parents. (address)

8. Martha hates being asked to stay late at work. (ask)

9. Being measured for a suit is necessary if you want it to fit properly. (measure)

10. Forced to give up her driver’s license, Gertrude doesn’t like being driven around town by her daughter. (drive)