(be) into = to like; to have a big interest in something.

He‘s very into rollerblading.

What are you into these days? (What are your interests now?)


in a way = a little bit; kind of; in a certain manner.

In a way, it’s a beautiful old house, but we would have to do a lot of work on it to make it look really nice.


 in the way / in one’s way = to block or prevent someone from doing something.

Never get in the way of an elephant!


 in case = if; to do something in preparation

He decided to wear a raincoat and a hat and bring an umbrella in case it rains.

In case it rains, he’s prepared.


 in common = to have interests that are similar; to have the same ideas.

They have a lot in common. That’s why they like each other so much.


 in fact = in truth; this is the truth.

 Roberto says he’s not a very good soccer player. In fact, he’s quite good.

(quite = very)

soccer player

 in favor of = choosing one thing over another.

He reads the newspaper in favor of watching TV to know what’s happening in the world.

man reading news

 in general = generally; basically; a situation that is true for many or most.

Most children, in general, play well together.

in general, children are able to learn how to do things quickly.

playing with blocks

 in place = organized; in the right location or situation.

Yesterday her living room was a mess; now everything is clean and in place.

organized living

 in time = just before, close to a time.

Yasser hopes to be in time for the meeting.

He didn’t get there in time last week, and that made a few people angry.

man with phone

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