Idioms Quiz #6

Choose the correct verb for each sentence or question. Each verb uses “up” as part of a verb phrase. The answers are below.

write by hand Write the answers in your notebook.

eat    end    grow    finish    stay    line    look    throw    wait   wake

1. The mother told her children to _________ up their work.

2. I need to __________ something up on the internet.

3. Hey, _________ up! You’re walking too fast!

4. Henry is afraid he’ll _________ up in a boring job.

5. If you get the flu, you might _________ up.

6. It’s hard to _________ up in the morning.

7. Hilda told her brother to ________ up after he did something childish.

8. Before going out to a playground, a teacher usually makes small children _______ up.

9. You should __________ up all of your vegetables.

10. Bob wants to __________ up to watch something on TV tonight.

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Answers: 1. finish; 2. look; 3. wait; 4. end; 5. throw; 6. wake; 7. grow; 8. line; 9. eat; 10. stay