Blue Level Lesson One on – This is a link to Lesson One of the Blue Level.

English Daily – There are a lot of interesting idioms and slang on this site. – For beginning and intermediate level students. Lots of quizzes.

The Red Level LAEO – After beginning level students complete the Blue Level, they move on to the Red Level. Lessons must be completed in order.

Learn English with Pictures – There are audio and video files on this website. Good basic vocabulary.

Interesting Things for ESL Students (Fun English Study) – There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, vocabulary study, pronunciation practice, listening practice and many other things.

FunEasyEnglish – Your teacher, Howie, can help you if you are new to the English language or want to improve the English skills you have now.

English Tenses with Cartoons – Interesting site with moving pictures.

Starfall – This is designed to help children learn how to read, but some of my adult students really love it. It’s very colorful and easy to use.

Literacy Center – Basic literacy and keyboard skills for children. This website would be okay for adults, too.

Easy World of English – This website has some good vocabulary and listening exercises.

Language Guide – Basic vocabulary and grammar

Rosetta Stone – The software available through this company is not free, but it remains one of the best producers of language software in the world.