Lesson Four

plural verbs

Take notes  write in your notebook.

Plural verbs are used with plural nouns and pronouns. Look at the chart below:

I play
We play
You play
You play
He plays
She plays
They play
It plays

Unlike plural nouns, plural verbs do not have an "s" at the end of them.

A plural noun looks like this: plays

The team made some good plays during the game.

A plural verb looks like this: play

The men play football on the weekend.

Do you see the difference?

Plural verbs in English are a little easier to work with than singular verbs because there is only one form of the verb instead of two.

first person plural : we play

second person plural : you play

third person plural : they play

Here are some examples of plural verbs:

  • The children are at home. (present tense)
  • These games have been exciting. (present perfect tense)
  • The police are looking for suspects in the crime. (present continuous tense)
  • Flights from the airport were delayed due to bad weather. (past tense, passive voice)

Okay, now try this exercise…

Directions: Indicate if the main verb is singular or plural.

1. Mice are living in my garage. (singular / plural)

2. The olives taste great. (singular / plural)

3. All of the merchandise is on sale. (singular / plural)

4. Their teacher was sick. (singular / plural)

5. Do penguins have wings? (singular / plural)

The answers are below.


1. plural

2. plural

3. singular

4. singular

5. plural