Orange Level – Exercise #10: the subjunctive mood — requests

Directions: Change each sentence to the subjunctive mood. These are all requests.

Part A. Use the word "that" to begin a clause after the verb.

Examples: I asked them to be quiet.   /  The thief told her to give him the money.

   I asked that they be quiet.  /  The thief demanded that she give him the money.

1. She asked him to fix the computer.

 She requested _______________________________________________.

2. Sandra wanted the post office to hold onto her mail.

 Sandra asked _______________________________________________.

3. The judge told the lawyer to be quiet.

 The judge insisted ___________________________________________.

4. My supervisor said it would be a good idea for me to accept this new position.

 My supervisor suggested ______________________________________.

5. "He should fix it himself," I said.

 I suggested _________________________________________________.

Part B. Change each command to a sentence that uses the subjunctive mood in the clause following the verb.

6. "Give me a refund," John told the clerk.

 John demanded _________________________________________________.

7. "Could you help me move some boxes," Tom asked me.

 Tom requested __________________________________________________.

8. " Can you work this weekend?" Sue’s boss asked. (Sue is a woman.)

 Sue’s boss asked _________________________________________________.

9. "Stop drinking so much!" Bill’s wife told him.

 Bill’s mother demanded ____________________________________________.

10. "Take a vacation," our boss told us.

 Our boss insisted _________________________________________________.

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