Orange Level – Exercise #6: Changing direct speech to indirect speech

Directions: Change direct speech (contained within quotation marks:  "…." ) to indirect speech.

Example: "I get a lot of email every day," he said. (a man is speaking)

 He said that he got a lot of email every day. 

1. "Your order is ready." (a woman is speaking to you)

  She said that  .

2. "It’s going to rain tomorrow." (a male weather man is speaking)

   The guy on TV said that  .

3. "My car won’t start." ( a man is speaking)

 My coworker called to say that  .

4. "We don’t have the time to fix your car." ( a mechanic is talking to a woman)

 The mechanic said that .

5. "I can’t come to your house tomorrow." (a female friend is speaking to you)

 My friend Teresa told me that  .

6. "Your paycheck will be late this week." (a boss is speaking to a female employee)

 Her boss said that  .

7. "She’s sleeping and she can’t come to the phone." (a man is talking about his wife)

 He said that  .

8. "There’s going to be a parade this weekend." (our teacher is speaking)

 Our teacher told us that  .

9. "They’re not safe to eat." (An man on TV is talking about the mushrooms growing in everyone’s front yard)

 A man on TV said that  .

10. "Your idea won’t work." (My friend is talking about my idea)

 A friend of mine said that  .