Orange Level – Exercise #6: Changing direct speech to indirect speech (ANSWERS)

Directions: Change direct speech (contained within quotation marks:  "…." ) to indirect speech.

Example: "I get a lot of email every day," he said. (a man is speaking)

 He said that he got a lot of email every day. 

1. "Your order is ready." (a woman is speaking to you)

  She said that my order was ready.

2. "It’s going to rain tomorrow." (a male weather man is speaking)

   The guy on TV said that it was going to rain tomorrow.

3. "My car won’t start." ( a man is speaking)

 My coworker called to say that his car wouldn’t start.

4. "We don’t have the time to fix your car." ( a mechanic is talking to a woman)

 The mechanic said that he didn’t have the time to fix her car.

5. "I can’t come to your house tomorrow." (a female friend is speaking to you)

 My friend Teresa told me that she couldn’t come to my house tomorrow.

6. "Your paycheck will be late this week." (a boss is speaking to a female employee)

 Her boss said that her paycheck would be late this week.

7. "She’s sleeping and she can’t come to the phone." (a man is talking about his wife)

 He said that his wife was sleeping and she couldn’t come to the phone.

8. "There’s going to be a parade this weekend." (our teacher is speaking)

 Our teacher told us that there was going to be a parade this weekend.

9. "They’re not safe to eat." (An man on TV is talking about the mushrooms growing in everyone’s front yard)

 A man on TV said that the mushrooms growing in everyone’s front yard weren’t safe to eat.

10. "Your idea won’t work." (My friend is talking about my idea)

 A friend of mine said that my idea wouldn’t work.