Orange Level – Exercise #8: was going to (ANSWERS)

Directions: Use "was going to" or "were going to " and the correct past tense verb for each sentence:

Example: A: Did you take out the trash?

 B: I was going to, but then the phone rang. (ring)

1. A: Is Dave coming to our party?

 B: He was going to, but he couldn’t find a babysitter for his kids. (can’t find)

2. A: Are you making dinner tonight?

 B: I was going to until the power went out. (go)

3. A: Is your daughter going to college?

 B: She was going to, but she decided to take a year off and travel first. (decide)

4. A: Is the teacher going to stay after class?

 B: He was going to, but he found out he had a meeting to go to later. (find)

5. A: Are your neighbors going to sell their house?

   B: They were going to until the real estate market crashed. (crash)

6. A: Are you going to buy a new computer?

 B: Well, I was going to buy a new iMac until I lost my job. (lose)

7. A: What are Jim and Victoria doing tonight?

 B: They were going to see a movie, but instead they made reservations at a restaurant. (make)

8. A: Did the plumber come to fix the toilet today.

 B: He was going to come this morning, but his truck broke down. (break)

9. A: Did the kids do their homework yet?

 B: They were going to do it until Uncle Joe came by for a surprise visit. (come)

10. A: Did I pay the credit card bill yet this month? I can’t remember.

 B: No, you didn’t. You said you were going to wait until you got paid. (get paid)