Orange Level – Practice exercise for Lesson Twenty-two


1. What time does he have to get there?

Answer: He has to get there at 8:00.

2. Why did she have to leave early?

Answer: She had to leave early beause she had an appointment.

3. Where do I have to sign my name?

Answer: You have to sign your name on the bottom of the page.

4. How much did they have to pay for the tickets?

Answer: They had to pay $100 for the tickets.

5. How long did they have to stand in line?

Answer: They had to stand in line for 30 minutes.

6. Who does he have to call?

Answer: He has to call Bernie.

7. Whom did she have to meet at the airport?

Answer: She had to meet her boyfriend at the airport.

8. When will you have to have this finished (by)? *

Answer: I’ll have to have this finished by tomorrow.

9. How many hamburgers did Roger have to make?

Answer: Roger had to make 20 hamburgers.

10. Why do I have to eat my vegetables?

Answer: You have to eat your vegetables because we want you to be healthy.

* Note: The preposition "by" is optional. Some would say it’s incorrect to put "by" at the end of that question, but you hear a lot of Americans do it.