Exercise 12

too + adjective + infinitive (ANSWERS)

Directions: Look at the picture. Read the description. Form a sentence with this information. If you aren’t sure what to do, this video might help:


Subject + verb + too + adjective + infinitive

Example: scared

He’s very scared. He can’t move.

He’s too scared to move.

1. pie

The pie is very hot. You can’t eat it.

The pie is too hot to eat.

2. sick

He’s very sick. He can’t leave the hospital.

He’s too sick to leave the hospital.

3. ice

The ice is dangerously thin. You can’t walk on it.

The ice is too thin to walk on.

4. a busy man

He’s very busy. He can’t take a break.

He’s too busy to take a break.

5. grass

The grass is extremely high. I can’t mow it.

The grass is too high to mow.

6. early

It’s early. He can’t go to bed yet.

It’s too early to go to bed.

7. heavy chair

The chair is very heavy. He can’t lift it.

The chair is too heavy to lift.

8. tired

He’s so tired. He can’t do his homework.

He’s too tired to do homework.

9. tomatoes

These tomatoes are still green. You can’t pick them yet.

These tomatoes are too green to pick.

10. elderly

He’s very old. He can’t go to elementary school.

He’s too old to go to elementary school.

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