Lesson Seventeen


The word "nor" is hard to use. It’s similar to "and" and "or." Many Americans have a hard time with "nor," so don’t feel too bad if you aren’t sure how to use it. However, if you want your English to be really good, you should watch this video:

Practice. What are the missing words? If you watched the video, you should be able to provide the pronoun, the verb, or the conjunction that’s missing in each sentence:

Write   hand

1. I’m not sure how to do this, nor ________ _________. (a man)

2. I don’t know the answer, nor _________ ___________. (a woman)

3. Tom didn’t finish the the test, ________ did his wife.

4. _________ he __________ she could answer the question.

5. This weather is fit for __________ man ___________ beast.


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still and anymore

(Answers: 1. does he; 2. does she; 3. nor; 4. Neither….nor; 5. neither….nor)