Lesson Eighteen

Still and Anymore

"Still" indicates that something is happening or not happening up to the present.


He still likes to go to that restaurant.


We are still trying to learn how to use this computer.


I still haven’t seen that movie.

"Anymore" is used with negative statements and questions. It indicates that something is finished or not happening. It often appears at the end of a sentence.

I don’t like to go there anymore.


I don’t need anymore help.

Here are some more examples:

After 35 years of marriage, they still love each other.

They are both retired and don’t have to work anymore.


older people

The baby doesn’t want to eat anymore.

Her father is still trying to feed her.



These two puppies are still sleeping.

They don’t live with their mother anymore.


Watch this video:


You can practice what you have learned here.

Choose "still" or "anymore."

1. We __________ live in the United States.

2. She isn’t interested in him _______________.

3. Do you ____________ want to see that movie?

4. I never see them _______________.

5. The Johnsons don’t want their big SUV ____________.

6. Are you _____________ angry at your husband?

7. Is it ________________ snowing outside?

8. He doesn’t want to work at that company ____________.

9. Martha won’t shop at Walmart ______________.

10. The car _____________ won’t start.

(Answers: 1. still; 2. anymore; 3. still; 4. anymore; 5. anymore; 6. still; 7. still; 8. anymore; 9. anymore; 10. still )


If you still need to practice using "still" and "anymore,

You can take this quiz.


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