Orange Level Quiz – Tag Questions (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each tag question with the a negative helping verb followed by the subject. (10 points)

1. She works for a big company, doesn’t she?

2. The movie started at 8:00, didn’t it?

3. This is a good apple, isn’t it?

4. You’ve eaten breakfast, haven’t you?

5. The students are going to take a test today, aren’t they?

6. He’ll be at the party, won’t he?

7. Your car is working now, isn’t it?

8. John has some money, doesn’t he?

9. You made some coffee, didn’t you?

10. They’ve done that before, haven’t they?

Part B.

Directions: Make each tag question with a helping verb followed by the sujbect. (10 points)

1. You don’t have to work today, do you?

2. She won’t get here on time, will she?

3. Your dog hasn’t had puppies, has she?

4. That wasn’t a very good movie, was it?

5. The computer isn’t on, is it?

6. Tracy and Bill aren’t getting back together, are they?

7. I’m not late, am I?

8. The alarm didn’t go off, did it?

9. He can’t move any heavy furniture, can he?

10. It doesn’t really matter, does it?

Part C.

Directions: Complete each tag questions with a negative or affirmative helping verb followed by the subject. Then write the expected short answer. (20 points)

1. You should pay your credit card bill, shouldn’t you?

 Yes, I should.

2. They have to drive to Chicago next week, don’t they?

 Yes, they do.

3. Those carrots aren’t very good, are they?

 No, they aren’t.

4. You love me, don’t you?

 Yes, I do.

5. You can’t play the piano, can you?

  No, I can’t.

6. She has to work this evening, doesn’t she?

 Yes, she does.

7. She had to work yesterday too, didn’t she?

 Yes, she did.

8. Rob will go fishing with us this weekend, won’t he?

 Yes, he will.

9. You were able to find it on the interent, weren’t you?

 Yes, I was.

10. This quiz wasn’t too hard, was it?

 No, it wasn’t.



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