Orange Level Quiz #2 – Indirect Speech

Part A.

Directions: Change each sentence from direct speech to indirect speech. Write your answers below each quoted statement. Think carefully about how verbs and pronouns change from one form to another.

1. “I”m sick,” he said.

 He said that he was sick .

2. “I need to buy a new car,” she said.

 She said that she needed to buy a new car.

3. “They don’t want to see a movie,” Martha said.

 Martha said that they didn’t want to see a movie.

4. “My car isn’t working,” John said.

 John said that his car wasn’t working.

5. “It’ll need to be fixed,” the mechanic told John.

 The mechanic told John that it would need to be fixed.

6. “It was difficult to move to a new country, but now we’re doing okay,” Ali said.

 Ali said that it had been difficult to move to a new country, but now they were doing okay.

7. “Sara will call us tomorrow,” Tom said.

 Tom said that Sara would call us tomorrow.

8. “I can work this weekend,” George said.

 George said that he could work this weekend.

9. “My company has lost a lot of business this year, Maria said.

 Maria said that her company had lost a lot of business this year.

10. “This is going to be very hard,” Henry said.

 Henry said that this was going to be very hard.

Part B.

Directions: Indicate how tenses or verbs change from one tense to another in…

the Sequence of Tenses

present tense past tense

present continuous arrow past continuous

past tense arrow past perfect

present perfect arrow past perfect

will arrow would

can arrow could