Orange Level Quiz #3 – Questions in Indirect Speech

Part A.

Directions: Change each question from direct speech to indirect speech. Write your answers below each quoted statement. Think carefully about how verbs and pronouns change from one form to another. Think also if the question is a yes-no question or an information question.

1. “How old are you?” a student asked me.

 A student asked me  .

2. “Are these apples any good?” I asked.

  I asked  .

3. “What are you doing this weekend.” Bob asked Sara.

 Bob asked Sara  .

4. “Is my neighbor going to the store today?” Jenny wanted to know.

 Jenny  .

5. “Do you have any money”? my wife asked me.

 My wife  .

6. “Where do you go to school? I asked them.

 I  .

7. “Did you already see that movie?” She asked me.

 She  .

8. “How long have you lived here?” My neighbor asked.

 My neighbor  .

9. “Will you be at home this evening?” Ted asked Helena.

 Ted  .

10. “Where can I go to buy some milk?” he wanted to know.

 He  .


Part B.

Directions: Indicate how tenses or verbs change from one tense to another in…

the Sequence of Tenses

present tense ________________

present continuous arrow___________

past tense arrow __________________

present perfect arrow ______________

will arrow ________________

can arrow ________________


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