Orange Level Quiz #11 – Adjective Clauses

Part A. Directions: Underline the adjective clause in each sentence. Circle the noun or the pronoun that the adjective clause describes. (10 points)

Example: This is something that he is interested in.

   This is something that he is interested in.

1. He doesn’t like anything that has olives in it.

2. They will call someone who can help them.

3. That’s something that I find hard to believe.

4. It’s hard to believe anything that she says.

5. You should ask someone who knows how to do it.

6. There is nothing that you can do.

7. Nothing that I did worked.

8. Everyone who attended the party liked the cake.

9. There’s something that I need to tell you.

10. I’ll talk to anyone who is interested about the business.

Part B. Directions: Five of the sentences above can be rewritten without using “who” or “that” in the adjective clause because they are functioning as objects in the clause. Identify four of those sentences and rewrite them below. (5 points)


3. That’s something I find hard to believe.

4. It’s hard to believe anything she says.

5. There’s nothing you can do.

7. Nothing I did worked.

9. There’s something I need to tell you.


Part C. Directions: Combine these sentences and questions in order to make one sentence that contains an adjective clause. (10 points)

Example: She is someone.  /  I like to work with her.

 She is someone who I like to work with.  (or)

 She is someone with whom I like to work.*

1. This is something.  /  You might find it interesting.

  This is something that you might find interesting.

2. Everyone was there at the party.  /  I work with them.

 Everyone who I work with was there at the party.

3. You should talk to someone.  /  He or she can answer your questions.

 You should talk to someone who can answer your questions.

4. That’s everything.  /  I brought them with me.

 That’s everything that I brought with me.

5. I saw it.  /  I couldn’t remember anything.

   I couldn’t remember anything that I saw.

6. Did you see anything?  /  The police would like to know about it.

 Did you see anything that the police would like to know about?

7. Where is everyone?  /  They attended yesterday’s meeting.

 Where is everyone who attended yesterday’s meeting?

8. It’s nothing.  /  You don’t need to worry about it.

 It’s nothing that you need to worry about.

9. I have something for you.  /  I bought it at the store.

 I have something that I bought at the store for you.

10. Can you trust him? Is this someone?

  Is this someone who you can trust?

* Most Americans don’t use “whom” for the object pronoun even though that would be correct grammatically.


If you didn’t do very well on the quiz, watch this video on YouTube.