An Exercise for the Preposition "with"

The preposition "with" has many interesting meanings. In the exercise below, match the meanings on the right with the sentence or question on the left. Some answers can be used more than once.

___g___ 1. I’m really not with it today.

___i___ 2. Who is she with?

___f___ 3. They’re through with each other.

___a___ 4. Do these pants go with this shirt?

___d___ 5. Don’t screw with that.

___o___ 6. She’s just messing with you.

___i___ 7. They’ve been going with each other for over two years.

___i___ 8. Jim has been fooling around with another woman.

___c___ 9. The company is going to run with that idea.

___p___ 10. Donna is out with a cold.

___f___ 11. Are you through with that pizza?

___l___ 12. I could do with an ice cold pop right about now.

___b___ 13. The thieves made out with over a million dollars.

___g___ 14. You’ve got to get with the program.

___h___ 15. Who’s he hanging with?

___n___ 16. Who’s with me?

___k___ 17. What does that come with?

___m___ 18. I can’t live with this.

___e___ 19. Sheila is going to stay with her current cell phone plan.

___j___ 20. Is that all they’re left with?





a. match

b. steal

c. make happen

d. change

e. not change

f. finished

g. able to focus and understand

h. be a friend to

i. have a relationship (romantic) / date

j. to have as a result

k. include

l. drink

m. accept / be okay

n. support

o. kidding / joking

p. sick