Prepositions Quiz #1 (ANSWERS)

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

above across against around at  behind beside

1. My friends and I have decided to drive across the United States, from New York to San Francisco.

2. If you want me to pick you up, you’ll have to tell me where you’re at.

3. Please go get my ladder. It’s leaning against the side of the house.

4. There’s an eagle sitting way above our heads in that tree.

5. Teresa and Mavin like to walk around downtown Minneapolis and go to the shops on Nicollet Avenue.

6. We have to work faster. We’re falling behind schedule.

7. There was a lot of dust behind the couch, so we moved it away from the wall.

8. I insist that my dog walk beside me when I take her for a walk (not in front of me and not behind me).

9. Are your parents at home right now?

10. Dave said he’s going to vote against that candidate because he disagrees with him on many issues.

11. Do you think it would be difficult to swim across the lake, from this side to the other side?

12. I’ll be hanging around my apartment all day today if you want to stop by.

13. The police officer’s heroics were above and beyond the call of duty.

14. Joe and Todd couldn’t see the movie very well because they were sitting behind a big guy wearing a tall hat.

15. Are you for or against nuclear energy to replace the burning of fossil fuels?

16. She has a very hard time getting her ideas across to other people.

17. Tony always wears a cross around his neck.

18. Please use the napkin that’s beside your plate.

19. At exactly 10 p.m. the fireworks are going to start.

20. Who was behind the wheel when the accident occurred?