Prepositions Quiz #3 (ANSWERS)

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

into  next to of  off  on onto  out

1. Someone left a gallon of milk on the kitchen counter and didn’t put it away.

2. There’s a married couple sitting next to each other and holding hands.

3. Scientists are onto discovering new ways to generate electricity cleanly and cheaply.

4. Tom’s four-year-old niece threw her doll out the window and it landed on the street below.

5. There are billions and billions of stars in the universe.

6. Please take off your hat when you enter the church.

7. Javier walked quietly into the classroom hoping the teacher wouldn’t notice he was late.

8. I made the mistake of parking my car next to a fire hydrant, and it was towed away.

9. After a two-hour meeting this morning, Linda is onto a one-hour meeting in the afternoon.

10. There was a very interesting program on the radio yesterday about the war in Afghanistan.

11. Is Sam off the phone yet? He called his girlfriend an hour ago, and I need to talk to him.

12. There’s a customer out front who needs some help. Can you help her please?

13. A group of girls are playing volleyball on the beach.

14. We need to get a couple gallons of milk at the store.

15. If you put your money into a savings account, it will earn interest over time.

16. Tom and Alice live next to a very nice family from Iran.

17. The government is trying to work out a solution for the nation’s unemployment problems.

18. That old building a few doors down from was on fire, so we called 911.

19. The fire department came and put out the fire.

20. Kelly is really into house, techno, and other kinds of music that gets played at the clubs.