Prepositions Quiz #5 (ANSWERS)

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

on top of  out of  over per  through throughout  to

1. I’ll be busy ______throughout_____ the day tomorrow, so I won’t be able to call you.

2. She pulled her keys ______out of ______ her purse and handed them to her sister.

3. You have to fly ____over_________ the ocean to get from Europe to the United States.

4. Stan was traveling at over 110 miles _____per________ hour when the police officer stopped him for speeding.

5. You should try to stay ___on top of_____ the news if you want to know what’s happening in the world.

6. Sarah ran _____out of_____ milk, so she went to the store to buy a few gallons.

7. You must remember to bring a pen _____to______ class; otherwise, your teacher will get angry.

8. How much money does she make _____per_______ year at her job?

9. The only way to get to that part of the city is to cross _______over_____ a bridge.

10. The subway train passes ____through_____ a long tunnel before it arrives at the airport.

11. Henri was kicked ____out of ______ class because he was rude to the teacher.

12. She would go _______to______ the ends of the earth to help her children.

13. There are many fire stations _____throughout _______ the city.

14. You’ll have to go _____through_____ at least four years of college if you want to get a job that pays well.

15. The cat jumped ____on top of ______ the refrigerator and stayed there for half an hour.

16. If you don’t take that cake ____out of _______ the oven right now, it’s going to burn.

17. For some people, it’s hard to get ____through_______ the day without a cigarette.

18. I need to get _______to_______ the bank before it closes.

19. You need to get _____on top of_____ this problem before it gets worse.

20. There have been many bloody wars fought ______throughout _____ human history.