Prepositions to or for – Quiz #8 (ANSWERS)

Directions: Choose to or for to complete each sentence or question.

1. She’s walking ____to_____ school.

2. Vanessa bought a gift _____for____ her sister.

3. This apple is ____for_____ the teacher.

4. Who do you want to talk _____to_____?

5. He’s driving ___to____ the store ____for____ some bread.

6. Ask that man ____for____ some directions.

7. What did you do that _____for____?

8. We’re all looking forward _____to____ some vacation time.

9. I’m looking _____for____ a new car.

10. They’re preparing a meal ____for_____ 20 people.

11. Maria bought some shoes ____for_____ herself.

12. Charles needs to mail a letter ____to______ his grandmother.

13. Geraldo kicked the ball _____to_____ his teammate.

14. I could go _____for_____ another piece of cake.

15. If you can’t lift it, I’ll lift it ____for____ you.

16. The boy is reaching _____for____ the jar on the shelf.

17. Bring the coffee pot _____to____ the table.

18. This tablecloth is the perfect size _____for_____ the table.

19. You should do something nice _____for_____ yourself.

20. The man did something harmful ____to_____ himself.