1. There are quite a few weeds amid the flowers in this garden.

(amid: among; in the middle.)


 2. Amid the ruins of this ancient village are many interesting artifacts.


 3. A person can feel quite anonymous amidst the hustle and bustle of a train station.

train station

4. Amid the performance, a bird flew into the gymnasium and distracted everyone.


5. A lot of people get killed amidst the mayhem and confusion in fighting hand-to-hand.

(amid / amidst: during)


 6. Amid concerns about global warming, I bought a conference bike to promote the concept of emission-free transit.

conference bike in Chicago

 7. Our luggage was difficult to find amid all the travel bags and suitcases.


Note: The prepositions “amid” and “amidst” have the same meanings, but most people prefer using “amid” because it’s easier to pronounce.