1. This young mother wanted to have her picture taken while sitting between her daughters.

  2. Which flag is flying between the American and the Canadian flags?
three flags
  3. The man sitting between the other two men feels uncomfortable because there’s not much room on the bench for all three of them.
three men

 4. The bridge beween these two bluffs provides a safe crossing.

  5. The relationship between a doctor and a patient is confidential.

 6. There’s a very narrow walkway between these two buildings.

two buildings
  7. The fight between these two men resulted in the death of one of them.

 8. This dog is sticking his nose between the bars on the window.

people walking dog

 9. There are many differences between these two men, but they’re still good friends.

 10. A handshake is often used to indicate an agreement between two people.
 11. A plate sits between a knife and a fork. (Although the fork usually goes on the left and the knife usually goes on the right.) place setting