1. He likes to play all sports except soccer.

(except = but not. He doesn’t like to play soccer.)

basketball player

 2. Except for when it snows, they spend a lot of time outdoors.

Note: This example uses "except" as a conjunction.


 3. Normally, I eat healthy food except for donuts.


4. Except for his keyboarding skills, he’s pretty good at using a computer.

5. I remembered to bring everything today except my keys. I forgot them at home.

 6. The mail is picked up from this mailbox every day except Sunday.


 7. He gets along with everyone except his wife.

(He doesn’t get along with his wife.)

man drinking

 8. She gets along with everyone except her husband.

(She doesn’t get along with her husband.)

woman with beverage

 9. This soup tastes good–except it needs salt.

(The soup doesn’t have any salt in it.)

*This example uses "except" as a conjunction. A clause, "it needs salt" follows "except."