1. He’s ready to come out of the swing.

or …

  He wants to get out of the swing.

(out of = leave)

baby in swing

 2. It’s looks like the honor box is out of newspapers.

(out of = empty; no more)

newspaper honor box

 3. He’s out of practice. He needs to practice more.

many playing guitar

 4. When I went to Jamaica, I ran out of money and had to get some more from the bank. money

 5. She likes to get out of the city and go camping on the weekends.


 6. He’s been out of work for the last six months. He really needs a job.


 7. These potatoes came out of the grounds just a few days ago.



 8. No one dresses like this any more. Their clothes are very out of style.

 or ….

Their clothes are out of fashion.

victorian women