1. The cat is under the chair. cat
 2. This boat is going to go under the bridge.
 3. A subway is a train that travels under the ground.

 4. They’re selling fruit and vegetables under the protection of these colorful umbrellas.

 5. These greens hills look stunning under a clear blue sky.
blue sky
 6. This bridge is under construction.
 7. I’m under the care of a very good doctor.
 8. He doesn’t like to work under the man who’s his boss. boss

 9. We’re under a tornado warning. Someone saw a funnel cloud and reported it to the government weather service.


 10. He’s a scuba diver. He goes under the sea to look for interesting things.

(You can say "under the ocean," "under the sea," or "under the water." They all mean pretty much the same thing.)

under the sea