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Lesson Ten


Make / Made / Made / Making

The verb "make" means to create or produce; however, this word has many different meanings, so think carefully about each situation in which it is used.


 1. He’s making a pizza.

make = cook ("make" is usually much better than "cook" for food preparation)


2. This store makes money selling CDs.

3. He makes his wife mad when he reads the newspaper and ignores her.
ignoring wife

4. Bill made a new friend at the pool today.


5. She makes her fans very happy as an actress.


6. George is making some copies with the photocopier.


7. When we were in England, we made some time to go see Stonehenge.

present tense: make / makes
past tense: made
future: will make
present continuous: am / are / is making
past continuous: was / were making
future continuous: will be making
present perfect: has / have made
past perfect: had made
future perfect: will have made
present perfect continuous: has / have been making
past perfect continuous: had been making
future perfect continuous: will have been making
modal verbs: ______ make
past tense modal: ______ have made
infinitive: to make
gerund: making
passive: yes

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