Purple Level

Lesson Thirteen


want / wanted / wanted / wanting

The verb "want" expresses desire. This is different from the verb "need"; however, both words are often used for the same purposes.


A: What do you want for breakfast?

B: I want a croissant and some orange juice.


2. I have always wanted to visit Europe.

("I have always wanted to…." sounds like you have never done it before.)


3. She wanted a bike for Christmas, and she got one.

Now she wants to learn how to ride it.

father helping

4. Everyone wants to be outside today because the weather is so nice.

yard and sun

5. Wanting more from life, she decided to runaway from home; soon she realized it was a mistake. (wanting is used as a gerund–not easy to do!)

girl reading

6. This man is wanted by the police. (passive voice)

The police want to catch him. (active voice)


7. Help is wanted at this restaurant. (passive voice)

They want to hire someone. (active voice)

help wanted


present tense: want / wants
past tense: wanted
future: will want
present continuous: no
past continuous: no
future continuous: not recommended–but possible
present perfect: has / have wanted
past perfect: had wanted
future perfect: will have wanted
present perfect continuous: no
past perfect continuous: no
future perfect continuous: no
modal verbs: ______ want
past tense modal: ______ have wanted
infinitive: to want
gerund: wanting (not common)
passive: yes
Take this quiz to determine your knowledge of the differences between "want" and "need."

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