Purple Level

Lesson Twenty-five


have / had / had / having

The verb "have"can be used as a main verb and as a helping verb. That’s one of the reasons why students make mistakes with it.

Use "have" to indicate possession or ownership. It’s also used in place of the verbs "eat" and "drink."

1. I have an apple.
2. He’s having some coffee.
having coffee
3. A lion has a very large head.
4. They’re having a meeting.
5. In the United States, one way of saying goodbye is to say, "Have a nice day."
have a nice day
6. She has a good education.

7. Have you had your breakfast yet?

In this example, the verb "have" is a helping verb for the present perfect tense.

present tense: have / has
past tense: had
future: will have
present continuous: am / are / is having
past continuous: was / were having
future continuous: will be having
present perfect: has / have had
past perfect: had had
future perfect: will have had
present perfect continuous: has / have been having
past perfect continuous: had been having
future perfect continuous: will have been having
modal verbs: ______ have
past tense modal: ______ have had
infinitive: to have
gerund: having
passive: yes

There are many different reasons for using "have."

In this video, the verb "have" is used for eating and drinking:

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