Purple Level

Lesson Twenty-nine


hold / held / held / holding


The verb "hold" is used when you have something in your hand. It’s also used when hosting events, performances, and games. "Hold" is similar to the verb "have."

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1. She’s holding a baby pig.

girl holding a pig

2. This school is holding a race.

3. The city is holding a parade.
4. This bike holds up to six passengers (and one driver).
5. Shelves at a store hold merchandise.
6. They regularly hold meetings in this conference room.
hold a meeting

7. He held a job through the summer.

hold a job
8. Banks hold your money.

9. Performances are held in this concert hall.


present tense: hold / holds
past tense: held
future: will hold
present continuous: am / are / is holding
past continuous: was / were holding
future continuous: will be holding
present perfect: has / have held
past perfect: had held
future perfect: will have held
present perfect continuous: has / have been holding
past perfect continuous: had been holding
future perfect continuous: will have been holding
modal verbs: ______ hold
past tense modal: ______ have held
infinitive: to hold
gerund: holding
passive: yes