Purple Level

Lesson Thirty


feel / felt / felt / feeling


 There are three main uses for the verb "feel." (A.) Use the verb "feel" to explain mental and physical experiences. (B.) Use "feel" when you touch something or someone with your body. (C.) Use feel when giving your opinion.

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1. How do you feel today? (A)

Monta from Sudan 

I feel great!

2. He doesn’t feel well. He has a headache and needs to take some aspirin. (A)


3. He feels cold. (A)


It feels cold outside. (A)

feel cold

4. She feels strong and healthy. (A)

She feels good about herself. (A)

feel strong

5. Feel his fur. (B)

Doesn’t it feel soft? (A)


6. He can feel the toothpaste on his teeth. (B)

His teeth feel clean after he brushes. (A)


7. She feels the weight of her responsibilities as a doctor. (B)

8. Many people feel that the Palmer House is one of the best hotels to stay at when visiting Chicago. (C)

feel rich


The Palmer House in Chicago

9. I feel that it’s important to eat right and get a regular amount of exercise every day. (C)

feel exercise

present tense: feel / feels
past tense: felt
future: will feel
present continuous: am / are / is feeling
past continuous: was / were feeling
future continuous: will be feeling
present perfect: has / have felt
past perfect: had felt
future perfect: will have felt
present perfect continuous: has / have been feeling
past perfect continuous: had been feeling
future perfect continuous: will have been feeling
modal verbs: ______ feel
past tense modal: ______ have felt
infinitive: to feel
gerund: feeling
passive: yes

You can learn more about the word "feel" on this page.

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