Purple Level  

Lesson Nine


know / knew / known / knowing

The verb "give" is used when one person provides something to another person.

1. She knows how to swim. What are some things that you know how to do?

2. When she knew she was going to have a baby, she told her husband. No one else knows.


3. They have known each other since they were children.

4. He doesn’t know the answers on the test. If he knew the answers, he wouldn’t be so stressed out.
stressed out
5. He’s known to be a very good violinist.
present tense: give / gives
past tense: gave
future: will give
present continuous: am / are / is giving
past continuous: was / were giving
future continuous: will be giving
present perfect: has / have given
past perfect: had given
future perfect: will have given
present perfect continuous: has / have been giving
past perfect continuous: had been giving
future perfect continuous: will have been giving
modal verbs: ______ give
past tense modal: ______ have given
infinitive: to give
gerund: giving
passive: yes
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