Purple Level Quiz #11: look

Directions: Put the verb “look” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. He looks tired. (present tense)

2. When will you look for a new job? (future tense)

3. It isn’t going to look good if you keep coming to work late. (“going to future tense, negative)

4. They are looking at buying a house soon. (present continuous tense)

5. How many cars have you looked at today? (present perfect tense)

6. Those shoes don’t look good on you. (present tense, negative)

7. You should look in the refrigerator if you’re hungry. (modal verb: should)

8. That girl over there has been looking at you. Go talk to her. (present perfect continuous tense)

9. I looked for my shoes this morning, but I couldn’t find them. (past tense)

10. Sasha didn’t look well this morning, so the school nurse sent her home. (past tense, negative)

11. Was your car looked at by a mechanic? (past tense, passive voice)

12. It doesn’t look like you’re going to get a good grade in this class. (present tense, negative)

13. If the children want to look for a new dog, they can find one at the animal shelter. (infinitive)

14. Looking directly at the sun is bad for your eyes. (gerund)

15. Ali had looked at several colleges before he found one that he liked. (past perfect tense)

16. Look out! There’s a car coming. (imperative form)

17. The little girl wasn’t looking when she crossed the street, and a car hit her. (past continuous tense, negative)

18. We couldn’t look through the window because it was so dirty. (modal verb: could, negative)

19. How does the weather look for today? (present tense)

20. She doesn’t look her age. (present tense, negative. To “look one’s age” is an expression.)


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