Purple Level Quiz #12: look / watch / see  WRITE


Directions: The verbs “look,” “watch,” and “see” are similar in some ways and different in others. Complete the sentences and questions below with one of these three verbs. Pay attention to the verb tenses indicated in parentheses.

1. She _________________ a lot of TV at night. (present tense)

2. Did you have a chance to _________________ at the newspaper this morning? (infinitive)

3. ________ you _________ that bird in the tree over there? It’s a cardinal. (present tense)

4. ___________________ at the sun for too long is bad for your eyes. (gerund)

5. The doctor ____________ ___________ you in a few minutes. (future tense)

6. _________ I ___________ you while you do that? I want to learn how to make pancackes. (can)

7. __________! There’s a full moon tonight. (imperative)

8. Try not to _______________ the clock when you’re sitting in class. The teacher doesn’t like it. (infinitive)

9. __________ you ___________ that new movie yet? (present perfect tense)

10. Robert has a new girlfriend. He __________ ___________ ____________ her for the last six months. (present perfect continuous tense)

11. __________ you ____________ my kids for a minute. I have to go to the restroom. (can)

12. We _____________ ______________ at cars all day today. (past continuous tense)

13. Be careful of that man. He __________ _____________ for trouble. (present continuous tense)

14. Sophia __________ ____________ the other car coming, so she got into an accident. (past tense — negative)

15. _________ you _____________ for your keys? They’re right here. (present continuous tense)

16. How long ___________ she ____________ _____________ TV today? (present perfect continuous tense)

17. The police __________ _______________ for a man driving a silver Toyota Corolla. (present continuous tense)

18. ___________ George _____________ his friends yesterday? I thought he did. (past tense — negative)

19. ____________ he ______________ seen a dentist for his toothache? (present perfect tense)

20. That tree ____________ _____________ very healthy. (present tense — negative)


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